Human interaction is complicated. We use words, spoken and written, to attempt to communicate thoughts and feelings. Some people are better communicators than others. Some people use different words to mean different things, based upon their experiences. Different personality types react differently. In short, it’s complicated. The overall theme, however, is that being kind is how we grow our movement, and being a jerk is how we shrink it. If our goal is to grow the party so we have the numbers to win, then kindness needs to be a core goal.

Speaking with Libertarians

Libertarians come to the philosophy and to the party through different routes. One thing in common, generally, is some form of oppression of one or more of their rights by the government. Instead of focusing on where we disagree, we must agree to work together where we do agree. Voluntary cooperation toward common goals; that’s right in line with our principles!

As budding libertarians continue to grow in the philosophy, it is important for longer-term Libertarians to help new Libertarians apply the philosophy and principles consistently. When someone is inconsistent, publicly shaming them will not help them grow; it will push them away. If we want more of us, we must be understanding and helpful.

Speaking with Non-Libertarians

Beyond general human communication, both libertarianism generally and the LP more specifically have an internal cultural with its own language. However, non-Libertarians struggle to understand these terms within the framework of their own experiences. It can be frustrating, but it is critical that we reach people where they are today if we want them to reach where we are tomorrow.

Additionally, within the libertarian movement, many like to talk but aren’t great listeners. It is important to learn how to listen, empathize, and provide comfort to those who have had a bad experience. After establishing that you’ve heard what they have said and you are not the enemy, give the person hope for the future by gently explaining how libertarianism solves for their concern.

Self Improvement

Our very philosophy outlines that no one is responsible for you other than you. Take this to heart. Become the better person you have inside yourself, waiting to be seen and wanted. By moving past (though, not necessarily forgiving) past grudges and looking instead to the future, you can grow. If you don’t have something nice to say, (unless you’re speaking against someone actually being wronged) then say nothing. Do not let the actions of others dictate your actions. Be you, and focus on your personal growth and development. You will be glad you did.