Details: LNEC

The Libertarian National Executive Committee (LNEC) would be a codified committee that is hired and fired at any time by the 51-member LNC. They would run the party day-to-day and be paid based on what the LNC decides to pay them.

Skills, not Popularity Contests

The current party leadership is elected based on popularity every 2 years by delegates at a National Convention. Many qualified people have failed to be elected to the LNC simply because they didn’t have the popularity with 500+ delegates.

Under this proposal, the LNEC is hired as at-will employees by the LNC. The criteria for day-to-day operations shifts toward who can successfully do the job, rather than who can successfully increase their positive name recognition with 500+ people.

Compensation and Metrics

Employing the LNEC makes the positions sustainable, accountable, and dynamic.

Today, the chair is a ridiculous position; if someone is doing it right, they’re donating 40-60 hours per week for two years. Other members of the LNC have to fly around the country on their own dime; about $5000 per year. That’s unsustainable for most people, whether financially or psychologically.

With the members of the LNEC being employees, the LNC can set metrics. Goals and salaries are set through the budget and hiring processes. Those metrics and goals can change as the needs of the party change, not just every 2 years. LNEC members can resign without damage to their reputation, and be replaced by the LNC.

Jobs with specific duties

All members of the board should have clearly delineated roles upon which their performance can be measured. What are the specific bylaws-outlined duties of an At-Large committee member today? Be a member of the board, and…?

Instead, the LNEC would have between 4 and 7 members. The 4 officers have specific duties: The Chair is the CEO, the Vice-Chair is the COO, the Secretary is the CKO (K for “Knowledge”), and the Treasurer is the CFO. The LNC can hire up to 3 more top-level people, provided they have a specific title and duties (eg. Communication Officer, Technology Officer, etc). Within the confines of the LNC-approved budget, additional staff can be hired by, and report to, the LNEC.