Higher Standards

Voters look for alternatives for various reasons. Often, it is because they realize that the Old Parties are corrupt. To avoid being lumped into the same category as “just another political party”, we must hold ourselves to a higher standard.

Today, many transparency items are encoded into our bylaws. That’s a great start.

One of the things that can also help is a ban on self-dealing. Far too often in politics, it’s all about the flow of money and self-dealing to friends, family, business associates, or even themselves.

A simple solution is to ban self-dealing. Some people say the LP is too small for this, but we have been successful in a number of state affiliates — inherently smaller organizations — with such restrictions in place.

It also helps prevent intra-party fighting as there’s not a grab for cash; it’s forbidden, in fact.

LPKY adopted similar language in 2017, and it ended a lot of internal drama around money being funneled into various pockets.

You can read the specific proposal here.