Philosophy, applied

Market Feedback

We know that feedback from the market is critical to efficient delivery of goods and services to consumers, and that businesses must listen and adjust, or die. But because the national Libertarian Party elects decision makers at a single event (national convention) every 2 years, there is no immediate feedback mechanism. Immediate market feedback is critical to achieving optimal outcomes.

Decentralization / Bottom-Up / Local

Believing in a decentralized bottom-up approach, we know that all good ideas are the sum of many smaller ideas that come from the ground up. But the LNC is elected at a single event – a national convention every 2 years – and then they select membership for other committees. Decentralizing party leadership will lead to stability and growth.

Voluntary cooperation

We must focus on working together toward achieving our common goals. We can’t (and shouldn’t) force people; we simply let people voluntarily coordinate among themselves to achieve the goals they want to achieve. This maximizes volunteerism by allowing individuals to engage on the issues where they are most passionate.