Under RONR, there are certain rules about how much can change within one motion. Complicating matters, the national bylaws are already a bit of a mess today. To avoid this proposal being ruled out of order, the necessary steps are separated into several motions, outlined below, with a numbering sequence for easy reference.

The body may attempt to move all of the motions, as a combined motion.

Motion M1: Consolidate Officers and National Committee

Title for combined Article: “National Committee”

Move and renumber existing Sections under Article 7 to conform

Move Assistant Treasurer into combined Article

No changes to existing language, other than title of Article 7

Article 7 is left blank
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Motion M2: Clean up Article 6 – Part 1

Title of Article 6 becomes “Committees”

All items are moved under a numbered item titled “National Committee”

Section (1) contains items applying to all committees.

Section (2) defines the make-up of the LNC, specifically; titled “Libertarian National Committee”.
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Motion M3: Merge Article 12 and Article 13 into Article 6

Move content of Article 12 and Article 13 into item under Article 6 Section 1

Article 12 and 13 are left blank
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Motion M4: Create LNEC

Split Article 6 Section 2 into “Section 2. Libertarian National Committee” and “Section 3. Libertarian National Executive Committee”

  • Section 2: Defines LNC as made up of one person from each state, and defines limited powers
  • Section 3: Defines LNEC as appointed/hired by LNC; most of previous LNC duties are here

Amend Article 4 to change “National Committee” to “Party” in Sections 2 and 3

Amend Article 5 to change “National Committee” to “Party” in Section 2, and amend Section 5.

Amend Article 13 to change “National Committee” to “Party”

Amend Convention Rule 2 Section 1 to remove reference to election of Party Officers and at-large members of the LNC

Amend Convention Rule 5 Section 8 to change cleanup duties to Executive Committee

Strike Convention Rule 8, leave empty

Motion M5: Merge Article 6 and Article 11

Existing content of Article 11 moved to Article 6 Section 4, titled “Other Committees” and all subordinate items are renumbered accordingly.

Article 11 is left blank

Motion M6: Remove Judicial Committee

Strike content of Article 8, and leave blank

Amend Article 5 Section 6 to provide for disaffiliation process by LNEC and LNC

Amend Rule 2 Section 1 to remove reference to election of Judicial Committee

Motion M7: Cleanup

Remove all empty sections of Bylaws and Convention Rules, and re-number accordingly.

Final outcome

This is the final result.